Welcome to VANguard

Welcome to VANguard

Securing online transactions for business and government


Business and government will only deal with each other online when they are certain of each other’s identity and trust that their information is secure.

VANguard is a whole of government program that delivers cost-effective and reliable authentication services to secure business to government (B2G) and government to government (G2G) online transactions. Built on highly-available and accredited infrastructure, VANguard eliminates the cost and complexity of traditional in-house authentication solutions and focuses agencies on delivering online services.

VANguard has been adopted by more than 42 Australian and state government agencies to deliver more services to business online, for less. 


  • Federated Authentication Service
    Federated Authentication Service
  • Security Token Service
    Security Token Service
  • Signature Verification Service
    Signature Verification Service
  • User Authentication Service
    User Authentication Service
  • Timestamping Service
    Timestamping Service



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